Our Products

AshiyanaOnline is an internet-based Software-as-a-service, which assist societies and housing-complexes in easy day-to-day administration. It makes live easier by providing one-stop reliable services to Members, Builders/Facility managers, Management Committee and Society/Complex Managers and reduces stationery costs and a lot of precious time and efforts. By giving mobile and web based platform to admin of a society/complex, members and vendors, it assures to provide 24x7 connectivity to enhance real time solutions.


An Education Management Information System (EMIS) is a Management Information System designed to manage information about an education system. An EMIS is a repository for data collection, processing, analyzing and reporting of educational information including schools, students, teachers and staff.
Currently more than 25 schools in West Bengal and in U.P have been using our EMIS.

"Student Performance Measurement" has become the USP of EMIS where the admin body can fetch the data on different parameters of student performances. Eg: class participation, tests, extra curricular activities etc.